Technology Collaboration Agreement Consists Of

A shall, at all times during the course of this Agreement, keep secret all know-how, subscription or similar transmitted by B to A and/or under the conditions contained therein or of which A is aware during the execution of this Agreement. b. However, it is free to sublicense, under the agreement, technical know-how, product design/technical design to another party/Indian party if this proves necessary. However, the terms of such a sub-licence are mutually agreed by all parties concerned, including B, and are subject to the agreement of the Government. one. Any delay by any of these other parties in the performance or fulfilment of any of its obligations under this Agreement, which is not remedied to the satisfaction of the party making such notification within ninety (90) days of notification of such notification, shall contain appropriate information about such delay and the intention to terminate the contract in accordance with this clause; Unless such delay is corrected or corrected. one. A prepares B semi-annual/annual reports on or before the last day of……… after each calendar year for which royalties are to be paid under this Agreement, indicating the amount of the PRODUCT produced in the Annex in the previous year, the amount of royalties due and payable.

At the time of submission of such notifications, A shall pay to B the amount of the fee indicated therein, which shall be due and payable. .