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The settlement agreement (“the agreement”) will be concluded on August 28, 2019 (effective date) by the Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute, Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, and Larry Harmon (together “plaintiff”) and Ohio Foreign Minister Frank LaRose in his official position (“advocate”). The applicant and defendants (the “parties”) are parties to disputes under the title Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute et al. v. LaRose (formerly Ohio A. Philip Randolph Institute et al. Husted), case 2:16-cv- 303, filed On May 17, 2016 with the United States District Court for the South District of Ohio (the “Litigation”). This transaction agreement can be signed in one or more counterparties that together constitute a binding agreement.

This is an example from a transaction agreement used for dismissal. Use it only as a reference. It is not applicable to your own situation. Please call the legal platform on 3120 – 468 9114 if you would like free legal advice to improve your transaction contract. If the transaction agreement is accepted by the advisory body, the respondent agrees to pay the above amounts within 30 days of the adoption, unless the staff and the respondent agree otherwise. While on April 24, 2017, Republicans from the Young America`s Foundation and Berkeley College (“plaintiffs”) filed a complaint against Janet Napolitano, Nicholas B. Dirks, Stephen C. Sutton, Joseph D. Greenwell, Margo Bennett, Alex Yao and Leroy M. Harris before the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (case 3:17-cv-0225-MMC); This transaction agreement (`agreement`) is concluded on the effective date, in accordance with Section 2.6, by and between the following parties: August Longo (“Claimant”) and the regents of the University of California, on behalf of the University of California, San Francisco, and ucSF Medical Center (`UCSF`). Applicants and UCSFs are sometimes collectively referred to as “parties.” The transaction agreement is effective and binding for the respondent and questioned from the date of its adoption by the advisory body.

If this settlement agreement is accepted, the respondent agrees that neither he nor anyone on his behalf will make a public statement inconsistent with this settlement agreement. PROPHECY DEVELOPMENT CORP., a company merged under British Columbia law, and an address in Suite 1610 – 409 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 1T2 THIS FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE DEBT SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT, effective June 30, 3018 (“Date of Effect”), is named by and under (i) TECGLASSNO INC., a Cayman Islands and (ii) GIOVANNI MONTI, an individual (“Seller”). CONSIDERING that a controversy has erupted between (NOM DE COMPAGNIE) and CUSTOMER NAME and that no party accepts responsibility or assumes full responsibility, both parties have agreed, as indicated by their signature below, the following conditions for resolving their dispute. THIS REGLEMENT ACCORD (this “agreement”) will be concluded and effective On September 30, 2020 (“effective date”) of and under Jake Encore (“Again”), and the China Food and Beverage Company and James Tilton (commonly known as “CHIF”), on the other.