Rent A Car Contract Agreement Philippines

If the tenancy period has been changed in accordance with section 18, the tenant must pay a rental fee corresponding to the new tenancy period; However, provided that, in the event of termination of a tenancy agreement halfway through the tenancy period, the tenant must pay, due to the tenant`s circumstances, the termination costs provided for in section 17, paragraph 2, in addition to the rental costs corresponding to the period prior to the termination. The tenant pays the rental fee for the use of the rental vehicle as follows: The parties may, by mutual agreement, reduce or extend the estimated rental period. LESSEE will return the vehicle to the same working condition at the time of the specified due date or earlier upon request. The customer is responsible for the entire rental period specified in the rental agreement. AT THE TIME OF THE VEHICLE`S RETURN, THE TENANT DOES NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE UNUSED RENTAL PERIOD. i. The duration of this contract begins from the date of delivery and acceptance of the “equipment” to the LESSEE and ends on the date indicated. Such a date of delivery and acceptance is clearly considered, for all intents and purposes, as the actual, true and correct date of delivery and acceptance by LESSEE. ii. In the event of termination/rescission of this contract by LESSEE before the agreed end date of this contract, THE ESOR has all the change of scenery rights of an amount not used or paid by LESSEE, including the surety, all as a penalty and damage to the LESSOR by the LESSEE. iii. Reservation in the event that lessee will cancel the booking made, the ESOR has all the rights to expire the FREE RESERVATION paid for by LESSEE. The company reserves the right to immediately recover the vehicle in case of the tenant`s delay to one of the conditions, and all costs are covered by the tenant, the company has the right to remove the rented vehicle at any time and in any place if the tenant has not renewed the contract and has not paid the obligations.

If the rental car was stolen during the rental period, the tenant takes the following steps. The tenant must obtain prior approval from the company if the tenant wishes to change the tenancy conditions set at the time of the conclusion of the tenancy agreement after the establishment of the tenancy agreement. The company will not approve the changes if it was not possible to rent under such rental conditions. Rent a car manila conditions and offers are published on our website. Just like our prices to continue to advance our promise of early prices. A website shows our customers and tenants what they are in. With the terms of service and agreements, either self-driving and driver-driver-rental car. Pay rent and other amounts, free and free of and without deduction for or withholding of all upcoming Philippine taxes, taxes and charges.

The tenant and the driver are not allowed to perform the following acts during the rental period. The vehicle may be taken back into possession at the expense of LESSEE and, without notice, if it is not returned to the due date, is parked illegally, is used in violation of the law or agreement, appears to be abandoned if LESSEE has provided false or misleading information at the time of the rental, if LESSEE is unable to contact or if the vehicle is not returned on the specified due date or is not returned, the vehicle is reported as a vehicle. LESSEE is responsible for full VALUE regardless of fault. Whatever the brakes in the rented vehicle, LesSEE is responsible for restoring the original. In the event of a disaster, LESSEE is responsible for the call to the contract and the notification to the LESSOR. In the event of damage, the LESSOR can only return the LESSEE deposit if all damage to the vehicle has been repaired or repaired and approved by the owner. i. Flat tires: The tenant pays for exactly the same tire.