Flash Agreement

“software” (a) the entire contents of files (transmitted electronically or on physical media), or data media or other media; this agreement is provided, including (i) information about the computer or third-party software, including Adobe® Reader® (“Adobe Reader”), Adobe AIR® (“Adobe AIR”), Adobe Flash® Player, Shockwave® Player and Authorware® Player (together, Adobe AIR and Flash, Shockwave) ii) related written documents or descriptive documents (documentation); and (iii) fonts; and (b) updates, modified versions, updates, additions and copies of the above that will be provided to you at any time by Adobe (together “updates”). The next page contains legal license fees that complement and amend Adobe`s (EULA) end-user license agreement provided by Adobe Flash Professional software. Nothing that is included in this Agreement (including Section 4.5) limits any non-revocable software decompilation fee that may be used for you under mandatory law. For example, if you are in the European Union (EU), under certain conditions defined by the applicable law, you may have the right to decompilize the software if necessary to achieve the interoperability of the software with another software, and you first asked Adobe in writing to provide the information necessary to achieve this interoperability, and Adobe did not provide this information. In addition, such a decompilation can only be performed by you or anyone else authorized to use a copy of the software on your behalf. Adobe has the right to set reasonable conditions before providing such information. Any information provided by Adobe or that you receive, as you allow, may only be used by you for the purposes described above and must not be disclosed or used to third parties to create software that essentially resembles the expression of the software or that is used for other acts that violate the copyright of Adobe or its licensees. 17.1.3 You have an obligation to take all reasonable steps to prevent and reduce damage, particularly to create copies of the software and computer data that are subject to the provisions of this Agreement. This agreement is subject to applicable physical laws and is interpreted accordingly: (a) in the State of California, if a license is acquired for the software, if you are in the United States, Canada or Mexico; or (b) in Japan, if a license is obtained for the software, if you are in Japan, China, Korea or another Southeast Asian country where all official languages are created either in ideographic writing (. B for example, Hanzi, Kanji or Hanja) and/or another script based on an ideological writing such as Hangul or Kana or similar in structure; or (c) in England if a license is obtained for the software, if you are in another jurisdiction not described above. The respective courts of Santa Clara County, California, if California law is in effect, Tokyo District Court in Japan, if Japanese law is in effect, and the competent courts of England, if English law applies, are not exclusively competent for all disputes related to this agreement. This agreement is not subject to the conflict of laws rules of a jurisdiction or to the United Nations Convention on International Goods Contracts, the application of which is expressly excluded.

9.2 Terms and conditions. Purchasing, using and trusting digital certificates is the responsibility of you and a certification body.