Uc Collective Agreement

1. The Union has the right to present a UAW orientation of thirty (30) minutes per term, in conjunction with the orientation for the new ESAs. At the discretion of each campus, orientation for new ASE training may take place during mandatory TA training or another mandatory event at the department, recruitment unit or campus level. Access to guidance for new SEAs, as described in this article, does not require the university to provide access to pedagogy courses. The university is responsible, through the local employment offices, for the communication of the time set for the UAW orientation, the place and date of the Union. 2. The university will work with the Union to plan a 30 (30) minutes of UAW make-up orientation per semester at the request of the Union for new SEAs that have not received UAW guidance, as described in Section E. 1. The UAW makeup orientation is planned as soon as possible during the order`s mandate. The Union is responsible for communicating to the ASL the time, date and location of the orientation of the UAW make-up. 3.

Participation in a UAW orientation is mandatory for erstasE. Dependent EESAs count the thirty (30) minutes on their working hours, provided the ESA has an appointment in the duration of the orientation; Hourly ASEs are paid for the thirty (30) minutes, provided that the ASE has an appointment in the duration of the orientation. 4. The university may not be present during UAW orientation or UAW makeup orientation. (5) The university is not responsible for or responsible for the content of the UAW presentations and does not monitor them. The parties agree that the content of the workshops/guidance cannot be prejudicial or derogatory to any of the parties, their representatives or officials. (6) The university is not responsible for the provision of lists of ESAs who must participate in the UAW orientation or the UAW make-up orientation. It is the Union`s responsibility to obtain the ESA presence list in the UAW orientation and the UAW make-up orientation and to address all ASEs that did not participate. (7) The university should not seek to discourage participation in the ESA in the UAW orientation, nor to communicate with regard to the UAW orientation, except to inform the ESAs of the date, time and place of orientation. The university provides UAW campus representatives with questions on the UAW orientation. 8. This is the full agreement of the parties for the fulfilment of the mandates of the Assembly Bill 119.

(9) This article should not be interpreted in such a way that a recruitment service or unit cannot invite the Union to give lectures at other meetings.