Ripe Ncc Lir Account Agreement

If the NCC RIPE has not been notified prior to termination and the end user has already entered into a new contractual agreement with another sponsorship LIR, this new sponsorship must notify the NCC RIPE and submit the new contract they have signed with the end user. The NCC RIPE will notify the current sponsorship of this change. If the previous LIR objects to the termination of its contract with the end user, the NCC RIPE will only accept the LIR sponsorship contract, which provides a confirmation signed by the end user. This confirmation clearly states that the end user has terminated or has not terminated the contract with the former LIR sponsorship. 4.1 The number of LIR accounts operated by the member may affect the member`s service charges in accordance with the RIPE NCC pricing system adopted by the NCC Ripe General Meeting. The RIPE NCC pricing system may be modified by decision of the RIPE NCC General Meeting. 7.6 The contract automatically expires on the day of the bankruptcy of the LIR sponsorship, the liquidation of the LIR sponsorship or the termination of the standard service contract between the LIR sponsor and the NCC RIPE. 6.5 In all cases, the responsibility for LIR sponsorship is limited to a maximum amount corresponding to the total payments received by LIR sponsorship under this agreement. If invoices are not paid within 120 days of the billing date, the NCC RIPE will begin terminating the standard service agreement.

In accordance with Article 9.6 of the standard service contract, a reactivation fee of 2000 euros and all unpaid invoices must be paid for all the member`s LIR accounts before a member can reactivate the standard service agreement. 3.6 If the member is a member of the RIPE guidelines and NCC ripe procedures in accordance with Section B.1 of the RIPE NCC procedure document “Member closure, The de-registration of Internet resources and legacy Internet resources may suspend the provision of RIPE NCC services to the member and disconnect the internet numbers registered in this LIR account in accordance with the procedure described in Section B.2 of the RIPE NCC procedure document entitled “Closing members, disconnecting Internet resources and legacy Internet resources. The member cooperates with the de-registration of internet number resources. The NCC RIPE may also terminate the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement in accordance with Article 5.4 of this Agreement. Fixed standard service contract and removal of all members` LIR accounts:


The end user can also enter into a contract directly with the NCC RIPE. For more information, please contact: delete:


delete: the notes to be inserted: Requesting Independent Resources delete:


. You can view your LIR account details and bill payment status on the Bill Details page. In addition, by accessing the unique secure payment link on each invoice, you can verify that your payment has been received. Both parties must have a contractual relationship with either the NCC RIPE or an LIR sponsor. One of the parties must apply by inserting an email to on their sponsorship LIR if it has one.


7.2. The intellectual property of the NCC RIPE (agreements, documents, software, databases, websites, etc.) can only be used, reproduced and made available to third parties with prior written authorization from the NCC RIPE.