Ehsaas Scholarship Deed Agreement Form

These students who are not valid CNIC, only B form are also required to inform about the unavailability of CNIC. Once your bank account has been opened, activate your NBP account after visiting the relevant NBP subsidiary, which will then be shared. If the account is activated, your scholarships are transferred by HEC. Please fill in the information to and email it positively. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected from the ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship. For the opening of the NBP bank account and the transfer of funds, heC and the National Bank of Pakistan will need, as of 30.06.2020, the following information on a specific form for your CNIC exam: students will be responsible for submitting letter and Agreement awards (on stamp paper) to a student financial assistance office concerned by the reference date 30.06.2020. Documents provided manually/personally to this office are not accepted. The arbitration letter and agreement are also attached and must be completed by the students. Please fill out the highlighted entries, i.e. name, address (sir, address), winner`s statement, (winner`s name: class/program: subject, registration number (CNIC of Brother/Sister/Mother/Father/Onkels, etc.) will NOT be acceptable.