Dog Custody Pet Custody Agreement

In the animal protection agreement, include details such as who will have primary custody, visitation rights, as the pet will receive veterinary care, who will make primary decisions on the health care of the pet and who will look after the pet if the main owner has to travel or become sick. These agreements also specify who receives custody of the remains after the death of the animal. If you get divorced and have a pet, you may be wondering who will have custody of your pet. Despite what the law says, we all know that pets are far more valuable than most other goods. Issues related to animal welfare, veterinary care and day-to-day expenses should all be addressed in the debate. Animal conservation issues can also arise in the event of a disaster or other exceptional circumstances. For example, after Hurricane Katrina, many furry residents of the affected towns were rescued and transferred to emergency shelters across the country because of the number of animals. This means that pet custody issues, which generally arise when a relationship ends, a couple divorces or a couple legally separates and the couple does not agree on the ownership of the pet, are treated as personal property disputes. Animal protection contracts are legal documents very similar to child custody agreements. As most pet owners will tell you, their pet companions are more than property. Since each household is different, these contracts should be developed to best reflect the specific interests of the parties and pets involved.

The document often contains provisions for visits or shared custody. Owners should carefully consider the needs of pets, as well as their own. Some animals do better with structure and routine, so it may not be optimal to let them move too often. In Kentucky, a woman`s attachment to her cats, Beanie and Kacey, ended up behind bars. Lynn Goldstein was jailed for 30 days in 2001 after repeatedly refusing a judge`s order to give her ex-husband custody of the cats. She was caught hiding the cats in a friend`s office. “I went through hell and fire for these animals,” says Goldstein, who was eventually forced to let her ex-husband take the cats.