Cerita Wedding Agreement Bab 17

It`s very touching for the story to be baper. Will donq his sequel novel in the novel marriage kk. 😊 Good story, thank you. Especially the first 👍👍 “Little”. Sarah makes Bian work and sometimes tells him what to do. Sy sdh read up to chapter 24 b.Is the last one. ? In general, Bian likes Sarah to be spoiled for him, but right now. “When will your sister come back?” He tries to distract. Please check again mbk I 🙂 link. The cerbungnya was removed, the author seems mbk, my basrusan check was removed :). “It`s just your feeling,” Bian said, taking Sarah`s hand and rubbing her slowly. “It`s best not to think about anything else, but to focus on your healing.” Bian`s movements stopped, he sat down and looked at Sarah sitting on her side. “Yes?” “Just take a taxi online for a while,” Bian suggested.

“Bian,” Sarah called. “After dinner, can I be helped change the noose?” I look forward to the sequel. Want to visit ikuy po novelnya kakkk Bian. He knows where it`s going to happen. Sarah looked at him smoothly. His girlfriend`s face got closer. It`s barely far away. Suddenly, a tearful face of Tari appeared in his head. “Nggg.” Sarah hesitated to say so. Usually, Bian was nice to him, but not today. “Sit down first, I missed, it`s been a few days since you saw each other.” “You look distant.” His girlfriend felt distant. When Sarah was treated, Bian visited her in the hospital.

He began to feel something unusual. Your friend was always caring and affectionate, but. More like before. His eyes look dark. It no longer emits the same light. . “Slow motion,” Sarah said when Bian opened his noose. Sections 20 cannot be opened until the end.

Sad. Yes, it is blocked or mmg there is no sequel.🙄 The story is good. Chapter 21 of .tp is not open. I want to find the novel ah. The novel is now po Batch 2 to 30 sept. Kk domizil where is kak? Sarah let go of her hand. “Nothing, get ready for tomorrow`s work.” When is the next chapter,,??? Sdh not patiently nunggu his ending Just For You: #BukaInspirasi in Bukalapak TRUE STORY was deleted by the author, because its sequel is in his novel mbka 🙂 Please click on my WA yes tea link, later connect to the next distributor😊 Please click on the WA link at the end of the article ya mba. The AV link at the end of the article has been directly linked to my WA teeeh😊😊 Please contact the author to order the novel mbk, 08158140664 thank you for the useful information, don`t forget to also visit my official website bit.ly/2MCUqF6 He Mbak is both cool writers ya mbk make his letter 🙂 Salute the same mbk Mia No more eating Sarah brought a box of groceries to replace the noose….