Academic Agreement Definition

Program Agreements for International StudiesThis type of agreement defines the details of a program of study abroad, such as the number of students participating. B the number of participating students, study arrangements, housing, student learning activities, academic credits and focal points for the coordinator abroad at both universities. Custom AgreementWe recommend using pre-approved UT models to speed up the process. If the models do not correspond to the scope of your agreement, please discuss the options available with your representative for academic agreements. Sometimes the partner institution can present the initial project. Academic units should be sensitive when it comes to allowing the partner institution to obtain a translation of the english language`s mother tongue. It is the responsibility of the academic and/or administrative initiative unit to provide the appropriate translations of the draft contracts. Information about on-campus translation services can be found in the translation office. A dean (or equivalent officer) has general control over and the direction of academic work, the officers and employees employed in this work, as well as the faculty`s teaching staff, as well as other powers, tasks and duties entrusted to the Dean by the President 1. Upon receipt of the final agreement (or updated), the academic agreement delegate sends the agreement to the faculty member or the initiator of the agreement. (2) The faculty member or initiator of the agreement can now share the final agreement (or updated) with the partner institution to verify or approve.

Changes to the UTEP agreement should be reported with successive changes in a Word document and returned to the UTEP representative for academic agreements.3. The college representative should refer the revised or approved agreement to the Vost Office for review and final approval. This step can be repeated several times until the negotiation is reached. The draft contract should not be signed at this stage of the process and remain in the Word format. AgreeFormatDraft agreements must be available in a Word document format. It is recommended that a pre-approved model for the ut system be used to expedite the verification and approval process. The Faculty Merit Committee (FMC) is an advisory dean.