A Dual Agency Agreement Requires The Informed Consent Of The

By signing below, the buyer acknowledges that the buyer has read and understood this informed consent to the dual agency and gives the buyer`s consent as a disclosed dual agent to act. As the disclosed double agent of the seller and buyer, the buyer`s representative will act in the same way for both parties to the real estate transaction and provide services to complete the transaction, without the full range of fiduciary duties being normally owed by a broker representing the buyer or seller alone. When offerings and counter-offers are created between the buyer and the seller, the buyer`s representative will act only as an intermediary to facilitate the transaction and not as an active negotiator representing the buyer or seller in trust. By accepting this dual agency, the buyer waives the right of undivided loyalty and will have only a limited obligation of disclosure, obedience and confidentiality of the buying agent. This agreement shows that the buyers accept that the brokerage company, as a buyers agent, can act as a disclosed double agent to represent buyers and sellers in the same real estate transaction and asks the Northern buyer that the buyers` agents be able to act as a disclosed dual agent if the opportunity arises. Buyers should be aware that a real estate licensee can legally act as a disclosed dual agent only with the written consent of buyers and sellers. I, ___________INTEND, AS OF THIS TIME, TO WORK WITH YOU (BUYER) AS A BUYER`S AGENT AND DISCLOSED DUAL AGENT IF THE OPPORTUNITY ARISES. NEW JERSEY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS STANDARD FORM OF BUYER`S ADVISORS Never Works As A “Dual Agent” Unlike ordinary agents, we never ask you to give up your rights by signing the standard form below from the New Jersey Association of Losers “Informed Consent To Dual Agency”. Like what. The buyer acknowledges that the purchase agent, as a disclosed dual agent, has no legal right to disclose to the buyer or seller confidential information that was or is disclosed by one of the parties to the transaction to the buying agent. In addition, the buyer is not allowed to report to the buyer (without the seller`s express written permission) that the seller accepts a price below the total price of the list.

Similarly, the buyer`s agent (without the buyer`s express written permission) will not inform the seller that the buyer will pay more than the price offered by the buyer. It is also ineligible for the buyer`s agent to advise or advise either the buyer or seller on how to gain an advantage at the other party`s expense based on confidential information from or about the other party. If the buyer does not understand all the provisions of this consent informed to Dual Agency, legal advice must be sought before signing. What does the signature of this form mean? This means that you give your agent permission to collaborate with you and your seller (the BUYER) at the same time. This document is necessary on such occasions for REALTOR to represent both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction. In such cases, the licensee cannot exercise all of its obligations to its customers, as the obligation of confidentiality exceeds the obligation of full disclosure – in other words, REALTOR cannot tell the seller everything he knows about the buyer`s motives, etc., because this information is confidential. And vice versa. The buyer confirms receipt of the consumer information statement on real estate relations in New Jersey. As a result of this restriction, the seller and buyer must accept the acceptance of the benefits of the holder of a real estate license, understanding that REALTOR cannot disclose any confidential information to the other party.